Today's Prompt: 4.11/12.18

President Trump has said, "Together, we will face this challenge as a national family with conviction, with unity, and with a commitment to love and support our neighbors in times of dire need. Working together, we will defeat this opioid epidemic." What actions has the Trump administration taken so far to confront the opioid epidemic in America? This will be the subject of today's research.

  1. Students will form their own groups of three or four people.
  2. Groups will conduct research in an attempt to answer this question. You will be presenting your findings in a Slides presentation with three or four slides. Remember that you are answering the question of what actions has the administration has taken, not what people have had to say about the administration's efforts. You will have to sift through your search results to distinguish between opinion and information.
  3. Be sure to follow up information you find--don't just repeat pronouncements about intentions to do something. Try to find evidence of concrete actions that have been taken. Look for specific examples of general claims: i.e., "People have been arrested."
  4. You may add a slide or two to the end of your presentation offering a critique of the policies thus far undertaken, but the criticism must be focused on specific actions undertaken that you have already identified in previous slides. You may also choose to focus on statements of support for actions undertaken, as well.

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